Choosing your eyeglasses

Do you know how to choose your eyeglasses? Despite prescription glasses being a medical device used to compensate for a visual impairment – an ocular prosthesis in a way – the concept has evolved over the centuries and they are now an important fashion accessory.

Óptica Algarve, one of Institutoptico Group’s opticians in the Algarve, tells us that this choice must take into account facial aesthetics, personality, lifestyle and, at the same time, be able to provide comfort whilst looking beautiful.

Therefore, choosing your eyeglasses there means you’ll start by doing a short lifestyle assessment interview that will also serve to determine why, or to which specific situations, they were prescribed, so that each new pair of glasses can best suit the needs and facial features of each person. Whenever possible, the frame should harmonise with the type of face, skin tone, hair and eyes.

Since glasses are a common everyday accessory, the ideal for those who have to wear them is to take advantage of it, forget any complexes and chose wisely.

Institutoptico Group and its Óptica Algarve recommend you follow three rules of thumb when choosing your eyeglasses:
– The frame should not pass over eyebrows’ line;
– The arms should not pressure the temples;
– The glasses must not rest on the cheekbones.

For expert and a bespoke advice, just contact Óptica Algarve – they be delighted to help you see better and look even nicer!

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