Choosing your Bowls

Many things can influence the choice of bowls. They are made, and should be bought, in sets of four – four bowls is the maximum number any one player in any game requires.

Remember when purchasing, the bowl should not be too large for your hand. The set should be a “matched” set – check by looking for the serial number which will be stamped on each bowl, as well as the model, manufacturer, size, emblem and World Bowls Stamp.

New bowls are expensive but second-hand ones can often be obtained at a reasonable price, and the advice of an experienced player is invaluable.

Every bowl has a bias – it is constructed such that when it is rolled along the ground it follows a curving path. The amount of the curve increases as the speed of the bowl decreases.

With the average speed of delivery the effect of the bias is negligible until the bowl has travelled about sixty percent of its distance.

From that moment until it comes to rest it curves more and more in response to the bias. To bring a bowl to rest touching the jack, the player must aim to the left or right of it, delivering the bowl with its’ biased side on the right or the left. The bias side of the bowl will always be on the inside of the curve.

The amount of bias is strictly regulated by World Bowls which is why all bowls must carry their stamp. To ensure accuracy of bias, bowls should be retested and re-stamped every tenth year.

In keeping with their fundraising activities, Balaia Bowls Club is again having a big push to raise more funds for the Albufeira Volunteer Bombeiros.

After the success of the Parachute Jumps last year which raised over €5,000 and the recent donation of over €11,000, the next event is a sponsored 24-hour bowling marathon on September 16-17. Anyone wishing to make a donation or pledge please contact Richard King (Club Chairman) on mobile (00351) 935 367 492 or email [email protected].

Alvor Bowling Club welcomes bowlers of all levels, new or experienced, and has its’ Roll Up during the summer on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10.00am.

All welcome, for more information contact John Dance on 00351 925 916 093 or Zé Martins (Club Owner) on [email protected].