Chiropractic centre opens in Portimão

New chiropractic centre, Centro Quiroprático Específico, opened in Portimão on Wednesday, January 25.

It aims to bring an “original approach” to Portugal’s chiropractic medicine and is the brainchild of Canadian chiropractor Jean-Philippe Marcoux.

Just a few weeks in, and patients are already praising Marcoux’s work.

“I have issues in my cervical vertebrae, maybe due to my age or due to work,” says 69-year-old Jacinto Lopes, who had been postponing an operation for over a year.

Now, after two appointments with Marcoux, he is feeling much better.

“I don’t have the same symptoms as before. Things weren’t looking good (before).”

Marcoux’s process is simple.

First, x-rays are taken to determine the cause of patients’ issues.

Once the diagnosis is made, Marcoux manually adjusts the affected areas. It is a painless process, but one that requires patients to stay still for 45 minutes.

His knowledge was obtained from decades of practising after completing his course in 1983 at the Canadian Chiropractic Memorial College.

His new adventure in the Algarve will allow him to “share everything” he knows with his patients and peers.

“My goal is to work as a team with orthopaedists and doctors in general so that we can share medical knowledge,” he says.

The Centro Quiropráctico Específico is located on Portimão’s Rua Senhora da Tocha.

The first appointment, including the diagnosis, costs €50.

282 097 532 | 910 333 555