Chiropractic care during pregnancy

Some patients are surprised to see our pregnant patients walking in to get their spine adjusted with chiropractic care. In fact, as they find out more about how the spine works and all the changes it has to go through during pregnancy, it becomes very clear how mother and child can benefit from a well-adjusted spine.

Chiropractic offers natural care during pregnancy to optimise healing capacities of the body allowing better health and better adaptation of the spine.

Pregnancy is an important time of transformation and it involves a large amount of stress to the mother’s spine and body. The different phases involve hormonal changes along with postural alterations to accommodate the new centre of gravity imposed by the weight gain. When the pelvis bones are well aligned, the uterus can expand symmetrically with the growth of the foetus. When there is an imbalance at the pelvic joints, not only does that cause lower back pain to the mother, but it can also reduce the space available for the baby’s development.

Research has showed how spinal pelvic misalignment (also called subluxations) can cause lower back pain. As the growing uterus expands, it pulls the sacral base anteriorly and causes an anterior tilt of the pelvis and flexion of the hips. This change causes an increase in the lumbar spine lordosis which creates more activity in the muscles of the pelvis area.

We used to think that pain during pregnancy was a normal thing, but we now know that these pains and discomfort can be relieved and prevented. We often associate pregnancy to lower back pain and sciatica but also a lot of thoracic spine complaints, headaches, rib pain and numbness in the hands can be indicating spinal trouble.

Proper alignment of the spine and pelvis with specific chiropractic adjustments not only relieves the mother-to-be from her pains but also helps support the growing uterus and allows maximum room for the baby to grow. When the mother remains supple, the baby can move more easily and can assume the optimal birthing position.

If you are pregnant, chiropractic care can help you have a more comfortable and healthier pregnancy. It can help you stay active through the pregnancy and allow for an easier delivery. It does so by regaining proper motion to your joints with the adjustments and soft tissue work can help releasing those muscle tensions and offer long-term relief.

It is a natural way to prevent pain, or to relieve the pain faster when it presents itself, and help you to get back to your activities faster after the baby is born. We encourage natural solutions to help the body adapt and heal better.

During the later stages of pregnancy, the weight of the child becomes a major force to bear. Maintaining the stability and balance of the spine and pelvis with chiropractic care can help for an easier, less painful and less traumatic delivery for both mother and child.

During delivery, it is essential that the pelvic and pubic joints “open up” properly to allow the baby’s passage through the birth canal.

In fact, a lot of our patients who benefit from chiropractic care report easier labour and faster deliveries!

Research also shows that 84% of pregnant women who received chiropractic care have mentioned relief of their lower back pain and sciatica during pregnancy.

There is no need to wait for symptoms to appear to seek chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is used for prevention and it is safe throughout all stages of pregnancy.

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By Sandra Genest-Boudreau | Christophe O. Alves
|| [email protected]

Sandra Genest-Boudreau is French-Canadian, who graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1990 before coming to the Algarve in 2002. She is passionate about adjusting all her patients, particularly children. Christophe Alves graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) UK, and has a special interest in Sport Chiropractic. Algarve Quiroprática clinic: EN125 in Pêra | 282 312 853 | 969 397 375
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