Chinese restaurant closed for killing goat and skinning it in street

As Portugal’s prime minister visits China to drum up investment, a restaurant on the outskirts of Lisbon was in the news over the killing of a goat in its backyard area, apparently to be served to diners.

ASAE shut the Hai Tan, in Laranjeiro, Almada, last week, though a note in the window says it is closed for holidays.

Images of the goat killing and skinning have been widely shared over the Internet.

The horror involved three Chinese men, and is reported to have been viewed by over 14,000 social media.

According to reports, the Hai Tan will reopen as soon as ASAE is satisfied that it complies with hygiene standards.

Locals quizzed about the goat killing have told national tabloid Correio da Manhã that they knew nothing about it.

“Many admit to frequenting the restaurant but now say they will stop doing so”, says CM.

Meantime, Y Ping Chow, president of the League of Chinese people in Portugal, has told the paper it is not usual for Chinese nationals to kills animals in the street, and very possibly they did not know it was illegal here.

He also said that he “doubted” they would be using the meat for sale in the restaurant, suggesting it is more likely that they would have eaten it themselves as goat meat is a delicacy in China, particularly among Muslims.

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