Chinese parents who left five-year-old ‘home alone’ to fall 21 storeys get five-year suspended jail terms

The parents of the five-year-old girl who plunged 21-storeys to her death in the middle of the night after being left home alone have finally been sentenced – both receiving five year jail terms, suspended.

The public prosecutor was in favour of suspended sentences, say reports, as neither parent had a criminal record and both were struggling to deal with the tragic consequences of leaving their daughter sleeping unsupervised, so that they could enjoy time at Lisbon Casino.

The desperately sad story hit the headlines in February 2016 (click here).

The parents were briefly taken into police custody, charged with the crime of aggravated abandonment, and procedural matters dragged the case out for almost 20 months.

The maximum sentence for the crime of aggravated abandonment is 10 years jail.

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