Chinese parents of ‘home alone death plunge’ five-year-old sent for trial

The Chinese parents whose five-year-old ‘home alone’ daughter plunged 21 floors to her death exactly seven months ago from a luxury apartment block in Lisbon have finally been charged with the crime of “aggravated abandonment”.

The case will now go forwards for trial, say reports which up until now have shed little light on the dismal story – other than the fact that the parents left their daughter sleeping while they went out to enjoy a late-night at Lisbon casino (click here).

The couple have not been ‘identified’ beyond the fact that the father works in banking and the family arrived in Portugal on ‘golden visas’, thanks to their purchase of apartment at Parque das Nações.

Says RTP, their daughter woke up around 2.30am, went out onto the veranda, climbed the relatively low-railings and fell.

The station adds that the couple risk jail sentences of three to 10 years.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, they have been authorised to leave the country on the understanding that the apartment remains held as a bail surety.