Another Covid flight ban...

China suspends direct flights from Portugal after 10 passengers test positive for Covid virus

Flights suspended for period of one month

Chinese authorities have today announced a one-month suspension of direct flights between Portugal and China after 10 passengers tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on a flight coming in from Lisbon.

Somewhat bizarrely, the suspension will only kick in on June 27.

China only very recently announced the return to regular flights between the two countries – using Xi’an airport and operated by Beijing Capital Airlines – after a moratorium on travel for the best part of two years.

Reports here explain China’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach to SARS.CoV-2 means that if positive cases are detected on incoming flights – depending on the number of passengers – travel between the relevant countries must be suspended.

Up to five positive passengers requires a two week ‘circuit breaker’ suspension; 10 or more, one month.

China remains rigid in its approach to SARS-CoV-2. Irrespective of vaccine status, anyone flying in from abroad faces three weeks quarantine in “installations designated by the Chinese government”, reports SIC.

Stresses Lusa, today’s announcement once again cuts off direct travel between Portugal and China: “The country authorises just one flight per city per airline – which has reduced the number of international air connections to the country by 98% compared to before the pandemic”, says the news agency.