Children’s home left without water

CHILDREN FROM Casa Sol, an association in Lisbon that cares for children infected or affected by HIV/Aids, had to go to a nearby hotel to wash after the plumbing broke down at their state funded home and had not been fixed for more than five days.

According to Teresa d’Almeida, director of Associação Sol, the home’s plumbing is rotten and needs urgent replacement, which they cannot afford and are unlikely be given any state funds because a new home has been promised for the future. She added that the government has loaned the current building to the association until 2020.

Until the plumbing situation is resolved, the children will be taken to the hotel or to the director’s house to bathe.

The association, which celebrated its 16th year this month, currently houses 22 children, but is only authorised to house 11.  

According to Teresa d’Almeida, the children are placed in her care by the courts, however the government criticises her for having more than 11 children in the home and will only fund that number. “These children need the best care possible. They are my priority,” she said.

For more information about this charity, please visit the website, available in English, at or email [email protected] Alternatively, call 213 625 771/2 or visit the association, which is located on Rua Pedro Calmon, 29, Lisbon.