Children’s charity calls

ACCA, the registered charity for children in need in the Algarve, is seeking volunteers to help with an after-school-hours programme of activities, designed to keep young people occupied, safe and off the street. Some children are unable to go home once school hours are finished, as parents are working, or otherwise unable to take care of them. Some children don’t actually get into their homes until well after dark.

If you feel you could offer any number of hours every week, to teach a subject and keep a small group of children fully occupied, please call ACCA. A basic level of Portuguese would be useful, but depending upon the activity, may not be essential. Activities could include painting, aerobics, dance, football, rugby, music, sewing, acting – in fact, anything you think young people might be interested in.

It is essential that if you start, even at one hour a week, you are able to continue this on a regular basis, as children need reliability. In the first instance, please call Jane Oliphant on 919 383 593 or Susanne Lastein Guerra on 919 383 591 to discuss possibilities. ACCA will then call a short meeting to introduce all volunteers and move the project ahead.

On a different issue, one local orphanage is seeking a maths teacher – also on a voluntary basis – to teach boys on Fridays between the hours of 9am and noon, and 2pm and 5pm. These are not three consecutive hours, and are negotiable. The boys in the mornings will be from 12 to 14 and in the afternoons, 15 to 16. Please call Susanne Lastein Guerra on the above number if you would like to talk about this further. Fluent Portuguese will be important in this instance.