Children’s author promotes new book

For author Kay Wadsworth her novel Daisy Moon and the Worm Armies has been more than 20 years in the writing but now that she has published the book, aimed at children between the ages of six and 11, she has already begun to work on not only the sequel but also four prequels.

Kay, who has had a quarter-share in a holiday home in Senhora da Rocha for the past 27 years, told the Algarve Resident: “The story first came about when my daughter saw a particularly large black slug and I made up a story about it being an intergalactic slug.  Over the past 20 years, the story has evolved and now it is focused on recycling.”

The Daisy Moon book has been published by Kay herself and she is currently working on having it translated into Portuguese and German and is busy marketing it both in Portugal while she is here and in Germany, where she lives and works teaching business English.

“I took out a model of one of the main characters, King Zenta, into Vilamoura and put it on a skateboard to promote the book. So far I have had a great response and I am in talks with the Algarve Shopping centre in Guia to do a promotion there in the future,” said Kay.

Character Daisy Moon
Character Daisy Moon

The book, which is currently available to buy online from, follows the story of Daisy Moon, a 12-year old child prodigy who can talk to plants and works with the leader of the superworm army to beat the intergalactic slug army.

“The book is aimed at both boys and girls and has received great feedback so far,” said Kay.

“At first, the main character was a boy but then a literary editor suggested that I switched it to a girl. This seemed a great idea as we already have Harry Potter and a female lead character also makes it more appealing to girls.”

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