Children play for five hours with dead nanny on floor

Described as a miracle, the extraordinary story of three two-year-olds left in the care of an elderly woman who dropped dead on the floor is doing the rounds of Portugal’s media today.
The children not only survived at least five hours in the woman’s Lisbon apartment without any supervision, they were next door to the kitchen where the stove had been left on.
Anything could have happened – but as it was, they are understood to have been under the impression that their nanny was “just sleeping on the floor”.
The toddlers were found apparently totally content, playing with toys in a room next door.
But as SIC TV news reports this morning, “no one in the building wants to talk about this”.
All that is known for sure is that one of the mothers telephoned 75-year-old Alzira Calado to check on her child and became worried when there was no answer. Five hours later, the mother had made the decision to check personally on the apartment where Alzira looked after other people’s children – and it was then she realised there were no sounds coming from inside.
With the help of a porter, she gained entry and found the macabre scene: babies playing happily with a dead body on the floor nearby.
According to news reports, the elderly nanny appears to have died from natural causes.