Children have become second-rate citizens in Portugal  

Dear Editor,

So happy to read about Dr. Jorge Amil Dias’ stance regarding the vaccination of our children (click here). Please continue to fight for our children! 

Our family moved to Portugal a few years ago. Not because of tax relief, we pay more tax here; not because of the weather, but because of the safe environment for children. My feeling was that Portugal and the Portuguese love their children, their future. During Covid, I have realized that children mean nothing. Instead of protecting them with everything we have, they have been abused and used to “protect” the older population. Parents isolate their positive or potentially positive children in their rooms and I know families that make the kids wear double masks at home during the isolation. This is child abuse. When my daughter caught Covid in Dec 2020 that was the advice from the SNS, isolate her. Isolate sick frighten children? A child that thinks she might die, because of all the scaremongering that the media reported? No thank you! I love my children and my job as a parent is to protect them always! The advice breaks all kinds of laws and common sense. Please, parents wake up!

Children face no danger whatsoever from the virus, but they do face plenty of dangers due to unjust restrictions. Restrictions that have been proven, time and time again not to work. They have to wear masks 8 hours a day, still, yet the spreading in schools does not stop. Where are the reviews, the evaluations? When you have close to two years of real data of the restrictions why not assess them? It would clearly show that masks in schools or anywhere else do absolutely nothing: it is only false security for the people who now are so petrified because of reports in media that they can no longer trust themselves and have lost their common sense. Children have been imprisoned in their homes for extended periods. A restriction that had been proven to have no effect of slowing down deaths. A new report from John Hopkins University showed that it only decreased deaths from the virus by 0,2%. That means that it was 99,8% useless.

Children, teens, and young adults are now suffering from long-term mental health issues. Suicide is on the rise. I have a daughter that suffered so badly during isolation that she tried to kill herself and do self-harm. The children are paying the biggest price during this pandemic. And now the unvaccinated children over 12 are getting discriminated against further. They can no longer participate in everyday activities (cinemas, hang outs with friends and eating out). And the peer pressure in school to get vaccinated is horrendous. The schools support bullying by clapping and cheering when a child has been to a vaccination center. Are they still clapping when it turns out that children have died due to adverse reactions to the vaccine? (I am not talking about the poor healthy 6-year old boy that the government decided did not die from vaccine… but there are young people all over the world who have died, unnecessarily due to a vaccine that they didn’t need).

Shame on the “leaders” all over this world, making our children suffer when there is no need to. Children should not get vaccinated! A proper risk assessment would clearly show this. There are no benefits for them to be vaccinated. Children have lost their lives due to a vaccine they didn’t need. Due to a vaccine that society made them take to protect others, not themselves because they were never at risk of dying or being severely ill due to Covid. Now they are dead. The ultimate price. Was it worth it?

The vaccine does not protect you from catching Covid. The vaccine does not stop you from spreading Covid to others. It might protect you from severe illness and death, might… New peer-reviewed research shows that vaccinated people are more prone to catching the Omicron varient and therefore spreading it. Save our children from this madness. Start protecting them, not sacrificing them for a “greater good” that is based on political decisions and not evidence-based medicine. How far are our leaders willing to go? I am not willing to go any further. I am a mother and I will protect my children with my life. Just like everyone should. Save our children’s future and lives. Stand up for them. Stop all restrictions for children and the discrimination and bullying because of it. History will never forgive us if we let this go on. Wake up. Put the children’s well-being first. Stop all restrictions immediately. And the ones of you that are still petrified of a virus with a 99,7% survival rate, just please stay in your homes and stop asking our children to protect you. 

The Lancet is the most renowned medical journal in the world, please read this peer-reviewed article:

A heartbroken mother of two daughters, Lisbon.