Child snatched in Malaga

PORTUGAL’S POLÍCIA de Seguranca Pública (PSP) recovered an 11-year-old girl in Vila Real Santo António on May 19 after she was allegedly kidnapped in the early hours of the morning in Malaga, Spain.

The eastern European girl was sat listening to the radio in the back of her parents’ car, while her parents were inside a building close by at a party, when she was snatched at 2.30am.

At 9.45am, PSP agents intercepted a 20-year-old eastern European man who was behaving oddly on the EN122 between Vila Real Santo António and Castro Marim. The 11-year-old girl was found alive and well and the French car he was driving was found to have been stolen in Spain.

The girl was handed over by authorities to the Segurança Social in Portugal in order to be returned to her parents.

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