Child shot in head by angry father “may lose sight in both eyes”

The eight-year-old child shot in the head with a 6.35 mm pistol as he tried to protect his mother from his gun-wielding father in Lisbon on Sunday may end up completely blind.

The bullet fired by his father has already destroyed Edi Conceição’s right eye, writes Correio da Manhã, but the issue now is whether surgeons can remove it from where it is lodged, behind his left eye, without damaging the child’s vision even further.

For now, Edi remains in Lisbon’s Santa Maria hospital while his father is held in police cells, facing the charge of attempted murder.

Said neighbours in the family’s apartment block in Rua Maria Pia, the household was known for its conflicts, but no-one ever expected an outburst like the one that played out on Sunday afternoon.

No one even knew that Edi’s 51-year-old father José António owned a gun, says CM.

According to SIC television news, António suffers from “reduced mobility”.

All reports have explained that he was aiming for his 45-year-old wife Isabel when he mistakenly hit his son.

The bullet skimmed across the boy’s head, destroying his right eye and lodging a few centimetres further, behind his left.

Edi’s parents are described as ‘arguidos’ (witnesses) in an investigation into drug-trafficking, and were already bound to present themselves periodically at the local police station.

Neither parent is employed, and between them they have another four children.

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