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Child romance

Three German children were caught by police at a train station near Hanover, Germany while trying to run away to Africa for a wedding in the sun on New Year’s day.

Mika, aged six, his girlfriend Anna Bell, aged seven, and her sister, Anna Lena, aged five, left their home while their parents were sleeping and took a tram to the central station, where they planned to travel to the airport and board a plane to Africa.

The romantic trip was cut short when a guard contacted the police, who persuaded the children that they wouldn’t get very far without any money or a plane ticket.

A police spokesman said that their suitcases were “filled with food, swimming costumes, a lilo and even sunglasses”.

To make up for their disappointment of not reaching Africa, the children were given a special tour of the police headquarters at Hanover station and shown around the detention cell.