Child found dead in car before “violent father” commits suicide

The body of a three year old girl was found this morning in the boot of a car parked outside McDonald’s restaurant in Corroios, Lisbon. She appears to have been asphyxiated.

The child’s father, Pedro Henriques, has since been found dead over 200 kms away, the apparent victim of suicide.

Henriques went on the run following the murder yesterday (Monday) of the little girl’s grandmother in Seixal.

According to breaking news early this morning, it was Henriques who contacted medical emergency service INEM to say the child was dead in the boot of the car.

Henriques’ body was found “some hours later” at a property in Castanheira de Pera.

His estranged partner (the child’s mother) is said to have made “various complaints” against him in the past for domestic violence.

Says Correio da Manhã, this is just another incident where justice “has failed victims of domestic violence”.

Yesterday, Henriques was due to deliver the child after a weekend ‘paternal visit’.

It was also the day he and his former partner were due in court to discuss custody arrangements.

Henriques appears to have gone to the family home – ostensibly to hand his daughter back to her mother – but ended up having a violent argument with the grandmother who answered the door.

Says CM, the grandmother “tried to shut the door”, but Henriques “kicked it in” and within seconds had stabbed her in the neck and chest.

Neighbours hearing the dying woman’s screams rushed to try and help, at which point Henriques made off.

The dead child’s mother was apparently working in her parents’ patisserie when Henriques is alleged to have murdered her mother.

Reports updating on details of this tragedy through the day have said that Henriques left a form of suicide note with his daughter’s body, blaming everything on his former partner and her mother.

He fled to his ‘hometown’ of Castanheira de Pera, specifically to kill himself, apparently with a gun.