Child expert offers his views

A CLINCAL phsycologist asked to comment on the Madeleine case said no child should be left alone “but we know that this happens occasionally.”

Dr Luís Villas Boas from Refúgio Aboim Ascenção in Faro, the children’s home where baby Charlie, the new-born child abandoned some years ago was taken, made an appearance at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on Monday afternoon.

Dr Luís believes that the twins Amelie and Sean will be missing their sister and will be aware of what is happening without perhaps appreciating how grave the situation is.

Madeleine, who will be four on Saturday, will fully understand what is happening to her, said Dr Luis, adding that he hopes her return to her loving family will be speedy and healthy one.

“The Algarve and Portugal as whole are still very safe places to come on holiday with families,” Dr Luis told The Resident. “This incident should not stop families coming to the Algarve to enjoy a fun, relaxing holiday.”

All family resorts are, he said, equipped with baby-sitting facilities to allow parents to relax without their children.

Updated 15.15, May 7, 2007