Child, 13, dies in tragic accident with grandfather’s “recreational weapon”

Accident happened in family home in S. Martinho de Crasto, Ponte da Barca

A 13-year-old child died today in Ponte da Barca, in the district of Viana do Castelo, after being “accidentally shot” with her grandfather’s ‘rifle’, sources for Civil Protection have announced.

Without specifying details, a source from the Alto Minho Sub-Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command confirmed to Lusa that the incident involved a “weapon”.

Viana do Castelo GNR described it as a lead rifle, which “cannot be considered a firearm, but rather a recreational weapon, as it resembles an airgun”.

In the family home, located in S. Martinho de Crasto, in the municipality of Ponte da Barca, there was a second child, aged 15, who was not injured.

The “accidental shot” hit the 13-year-old girl in the mouth.

PJ Judicial Police are investigating.

The incident was reported at 11.40am.

A team of psychologists was called to the scene to support the family, who live in France and are in Portugal on holiday.

In addition to the GNR and PJ, the Ponte da Barca Fire Brigade was called to the scene.

Help for the victim mobilised the Arcos de Valdevez Immediate Life Support Ambulance (SIV), as well as the Alto Minho Emergency and Resuscitation Medical Vehicle (VMER).