Chicken’s revenge

A group of brave chickens got their revenge on a sneaky fox, after it crept into their coop, by knocking it out and pecking it to death.

Michelle Cordell, owner of the chickens, went to collect eggs from the chicken pen in her garden in Basildon, Essex, UK, when she found a dead fox lying among the birds.

The animal seemed to have been pecked to death and was covered in blood marks.

‘Dude the Cockerel’ is suspected of having led the rebellion assisted by his female friends Izzy, Pongo and Pecky.

Ms Cordell lives with her partner Gary Howell and daughters Maddi and Ruby, who had hand-reared Dude from a chick.

Foxes have broken into the coop before, but previous battles have always resulted in bird casualties; now it was time for settling of scores.