CHEGA says it's time for Constitutional reform
CHEGA leader André Ventura: photo; PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA

CHEGA demands scrutiny of “all directly awarded contracts” for World Youth Day

A bit like Rumpelstiltskin, CHEGA appears to be the only political party that has emerged following the ‘fantastic success’ of World Youth Day to start stamping its feet and demanding a immediate return to a much more miserable reality. The party wants scrutiny of “all directly awarded contracts in the helter-skelter of final preparations of the mass Catholic event, declaring,“it is important that a ‘centimo’ does not remain under suspicion”. Considering so much remains under suspicion all the time in Portuguese daily life, CHEGA is almost certainly asking a great deal – and probably for populist effect. Says SIC Notícias, the party had been in silence throughout the six exuberant days of World Youth Day, and has only today regained its voice to criticise what it calls a lack of planning and suggest all praise is due to ‘forces of security’ (meaning the performance through the event of police).