Privatisation of TAP? Sale “could take place this year”
Ready for another battle with the government: CHEGA leader André Ventura (centre) flanked by two MPs

CHEGA asks PM to hand over minister’s comms to parliament

Portugal’s right wing party CHEGA has asked the prime minister and his deputy secretary of state, Mendonça Mendes, to hand over communications with minister of infrastructure João Galamba on the night the computer of former deputy Frederico Pinheiro was taken, to the TAP inquiry committee. The request has not been distributed to the media, explains Lusa, but CHEGA leader André Ventura said the aim is for António Costa and António Mendonça Mendes to “voluntarily” hand over communications they had with João Galamba on the night of April 26 “when a computer went missing, when there was a clash at the ministry of infrastructure and when there was recourse to a number of entities, such as the PSP police force, Portugal’s criminal investigation police agency, PJ and the Security Information Service (SIS)”. The incident has been satirised as a “Galambada” – a tongue-in-cheek reference to the rollocking musical hit, the Lambada, but it is causing political ructions on a scale unseen for decades.