André Ventura is definitely the most outspoken member of the current parliament. This photo comes from the time when he likened the government's policy (loophole) that has been exploited by migrants as having turned Portugal into the largest whorehouse in Europe. His description received strong rebuke from parliamentary speaker Augusto Santos Silva who is forever strongly rebuking Mr Ventura for 'excessive language'. Image: LUSA

CHEGA announces new motion of censure

CHEGA, Portugal’s so called ‘third political force’, and the most right-wing of current parties in parliament, has confirmed that it will be presenting a motion of censure of the government at the official start of the next legislative session (which opens on Friday, September 15*). Said party leader André Ventura, “this Socialist country will end sooner or later. From our part, a motion of censure next week is the first step for that to happen”. September 15 this year is also Raspberry Day – not the day where everyone can blow raspberries, but where awareness of a neurological condition known as cavernoma (a cavernoma described as looking like a raspberry)