Charity shop closure

AFTER NINE years at Quatro Estradas, near Almancil, the Lagos Animal Protection Society (LAPS) central Algarve charity shop has been forced to vacate the premises by Sunday (November 25).

LAPS founder Bridget Hicks told The Resident of the closure of the larger of the two branches, the other being in the centre of Lagos behind the bus station.

She said: “After nine years of generously allowing LAPS to use the premises at Quatro Estradas, we are now having to vacate by November 25.”

For years, the shop has been the main earner for the LAPS charity but the owner of the premises has decided to sell it. Bridget Hicks said she will continue to search for new premises, in order to continue raising money for destitute animals across the Algarve, and in the meantime, much of the merchandise would be moved to the Lagos branch.

She said: “We would like to inform all our loving supporters that we now have to find new premises and there will be an announcement on that front as soon as possible. Please continue to support us as without you, the animals would not be here.”

Meanwhile in the western Algarve, the Lagos charity shop held a birthday celebration for the LAPS’s oldest and best known residents, Wee Willie Wingie.

As part of the celebrations, guests took part in a tombola to raise money for the animals and perused the items available for purchase for the charity. LAPS founder Bridget Hicks said “it was a super day”, with around 40 loyal supporters of the charity in attendance.

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