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Charity of the Year submissions

AT THE request of some charitable organisations, The Resident – Algarve & Lisbon Edition has extended the deadline for receipt of applications for its 2007 Charity of the Year.

Submissions must now be received by Monday,  January 8 2007.  If you know a charity who could benefit from being The Resident – Algarve & Lisbon Edition’s Charity of the Year 2007, make sure you tell them about this opportunity.

Once the charity has been decided, money will be raised throughout the year and upcoming events publicised in The Resident – Algarve & Lisbon Edition.

All submissions will be considered by an independent panel. The charity organisation will be selected by January 31, 2007 and announced in The Resident’s February 9, 2007 edition.

Even if you are not chosen, your charity and what you do will be published in The Resident – Algarve & Lisbon Edition during the first quarter of next year.

What we will need to know:

• The aims and objectives of your charity.

• Current projects.

• Plans for the future.

• The number of children, people or animals you care for.

• Why The Resident – Algarve & Lisbon Edition should choose your charity to become The Resident’s Charity of 2007.

The submissions can be sent in either English or Portuguese, so make sure that your favourite charity is aware of this opportunity.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] or faxed to 282 342 939.