Charity ‘in the hills’ receives TV and music system.jpg

Charity ‘in the hills’ receives TV and music system

The Wolf Valley Charity Fund (WVCF) has presented a television and music system to the Instituição de Solidariedade Social da Serra do Caldeirão (ISSSC), a charitable institution located at Barranco do Velho, near Salir, that supports the elderly and disabled.

The ISSSC was founded in 2003 by its current president Augusto Guerreiro César, who himself has a disabled child and understands the importance of providing comfort and companionship to those benefitting from the institution’s facilities.

The ISSSC is built on its own land of 11 hectares, which consists of picturesque small hills, forest, including cork trees, hiking paths, picnic areas and a windmill, which are all open to the public.

The property includes a modern building with kitchen and dining facilities, a large function room, laundry, physiotherapy room and a meeting-cum-relaxation room which now contains the new TV.    

The ISSSC can accommodate 50 persons during the day. It supplies “meals-on-wheels” with its own vans, which collectively drive around 400km each day delivering hot food and providing a laundry service to the elderly in the local area.  

The WVCF was founded in 1999 by a group of Vale do Lobo residents with the aim of supporting local Portuguese charities and people in need.