Charity concert with local Rotarian musicians

Charity concert with local Rotarian musicians

Silves Rotary Club has wasted no time in putting their talented newest club member, Petra Vahle-Francis, on the stage.

Petra is a founder member of Solistes Européens Luxembourg (SEL), which has, for the last 30 years, been one of the main attractions of Luxembourg’s music scene. She has just returned to the Algarve after performing in their most recent concert.

The well-known Quarteto do Barlavento has asked her to join them as their guest as they perform the String Quintet K. 516 from W.A.Mozart in a charity concert on Saturday, March 25, at the Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório in Silves.

The Quarteto do Barlavento will perform a delightful programme of classical music.

The evening’s programme features “some of the finest string quartet music ever written”: Mozart’s String Quartet K. 525 (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), Mozart’s String Quartet K. 516. It also includes the famous Waltz N°2 by Shostakovich and a piece by local composer from Portimão, Cristóvao Silva, “Recuerdos de Buenos Aires”. Each half is approximately 40 minutes.

Quartet members

Bernhard Schlünder on violin is President of the Praia da Rocha Rotary Club. He has played in concerts as a soloist in string quartets, Algarve International Orchestra (AIO) and the Barlavento Ensemble.

Christel Schlünder on viola d’arco has also played in concerts with the AIO, the Orquestra Médica Ibérica (OMI) and string quartets.

Petra Axt-Adam on violin joined the Quarteto do Barlavento in 2021. She also plays with the AIO and OMI. In Holland, she was a member of Rotterdam’s Youth Orchestra and the Baroque Orchestra of Gouda.

Daniela Zlatkin on violoncello also joined Quarteto do Barlavento in 2021. Since arriving in the Algarve in 2020, she has become part of the Algarve Camerata and Orquestra Sinfónica do Algarve. She has played with various orchestras in Israel and Holland, has conducted youth orchestras and is the director of two music schools.

Supporting educational projects through music

Silves Rotary Club’s educational projects in local Silves schools provide pupils with the experiences and resources to expand their knowledge of the world, to build their self-esteem and maximise their opportunities.

The Rotary Club of Silves works hard to raise funds so that it can help and support local schools in providing some of these stimulating extracurricular activities. Says the Rotary Club, “attendance of this concert means that, not only will you be experiencing a lovely evening in a wonderful setting, but you will also be directly contributing to these such worthwhile school projects”.

The theatre doors open at 7pm and attendees will be welcomed with drinks and snacks before the performance at 8pm.

Tickets consist of a €25 donation per person (including drinks and snacks). All funds raised will go towards Silves Rotary Club Educational Project.

For bookings and additional information:

Sue Butler-Cole – 933 374 865 |[email protected]

Maria Carvalho – 916 145 739