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Charity Christmas Choral Concert in Ferragudo

Ideias do Levante cultural association and Ferragudo parish council are organising the third Charity Christmas Choral Concert on Sunday, November 26 at the town’s church (Igreja Matriz) at 5pm.

Grupo Coral Adágio (Portimão) will join Coral Ideias do Levante (Lagoa) for a truly festive performance.

Entry to the show will be made through a donation, with proceeds going to the following entities: CAI – Ferragudo Support Centre for the Elderly, and Fábrica da Igreja de Ferragudo in support of the needy. Donations – cash or essential goods – can be delivered at the church on the day of the concert.

The Ideias do Levante Choir was founded in 1996 as part of the Ideias do Levante Association and is currently directed by Maria Saramago. The choir has performed in various parts of the Iberian Peninsula and organises various events throughout the year, including the Lagoa Choral Week. It rehearses every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm, in CEFLA, in Lagoa.

The Grupo Coral Adágio was founded in Portimão in September 1989. Today, with around 30 members, its artistic director is maestro António Alves Alferes Pereira. Its main objective has always been to promote quality choral music, through a very varied repertoire. Since 1994, Grupo Coral Adágio has been organising the Portimão Choir Meeting, in collaboration with the City Council.

The concert is recommended for people aged over six and is limited to the existing capacity. To reserve your place in advance, fill in an online form at

For more information, contact Ideias do Levante on 282 380 053, from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.