Charity auction Christmas Bake Off coming soon!

Support for Families and Algarve Emporium Charity – both part of Associação Guarda Chuva since March 2020 – have joined together to support families and individuals suffering from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Many people have had no employment for several months and those who managed to find some work during the shortened summer season have few savings to last through the winter. So that the charities can continue to buy fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit to give hungry families, they are always looking at ways of raising funds.

Their latest venture is an online auction on Facebook group “Charity Auction Christmas Bake Off” where they will have homemade cakes, preserves, hampers and other Christmas goodies that have been donated by “many domestic goddesses” who support their charitable work.

Wonderland Tea Rooms in Ferragudo, Algarve Cakes in Lagos and Between the Lines in Tunes are donating baked goods and the following businesses have donated vouchers; Coco Jolu Bar in Guia and Al-Gharb Coffee Roasters in Albufeira, which they will also be auctioning.

It starts on Saturday, November 29 and ends on Sunday, December 5 – “a must if you are looking for delicious Christmas presents or just a delicious indulgence for yourself,” say organisers.

More Charity Auction Bake Off events will be held next year.
Apart from the Facebook auction, there are several ways in which you can help to support needy families and individuals.

There are regular food collection points near Burger Ranch, the fast food outlet in Silves, near the swimming pools, every Monday 11.30am-12.30pm and at Between The Lines Restaurant/Bar in Tunes, every Friday 11.30am-12.30pm.

There is also a food donation box in Loja Candeias, Rua do Ribeiro, Algoz, a new supermarket that opened on November 2.

Collection tins are also available in Iceland Overseas Supermarket in Guia; Pastelaria/Café Requinte e Tentações in Algoz; Calibri café 1 in Guia and Calibri café 2 in Galé; The Football café/restaurant in Guia; Cantinho do João in Guia; Café Doce K Doce in Vale Parra; Arcadia Bar in Vale Parra; Tapas 13 Sports Bar in Messines; Between the Lines Restaurant in Tunes; K’Delicia in Tunes; Jaffers Supermarket (Butcher’s Counter) in Tunes; and Al-Gharb Coffee Roasters in Albufeira.

“We would like to thank all these businesses who are supporting us by raising funds and in particular shoppers and staff in Iceland, Overseas Supermarket, Guia who so far have raised over €1,000,” said the charities.

Collections of food and other items, including Christmas presents for needy children, can be brought to Pão de Aldeia Café, Guia, near Iceland, Overseas Supermarket from 11am-12 noon on November 15 and the last day of each month.

Donations can be sent to:
Associação Guarda-Chuva, Crédito Agricola Bank,
IBAN: PT50 0045 7011 4031 6715 4683 8

Algarve Emporium also have a charity section selling a variety of items and 100% of proceeds go to charity: