Charitable Brits

Dear Editor,

Having just been involved in a typically English charity event I would like to defend and maybe explain to our Norwegian cousin (who’s name is too difficult for a linguistically challenged English person to pronounce) the way it works and why we do it.

Primarily the jumping, running, swimming etc. is something one or more of us want to do anyway and would still do without the charity sponsorship.

However, why waste the event when our friends, work mates, customers etc. will donate towards a charity and come along and have a laugh at our expense?

You see, there are Doers and there are Givers – both are equally important. The part you seem to be missing out on is that, doing it, watching it, and celebrating it afterwards is all an excuse to have FUN so why not harness that FUN to raise funds for a needy cause.

AND I would like to thank my friend Debby Wray and all the pet owners who sponsored her to do the Christmas Day swim in the Atlantic at Praia da Luz. It was great FUN watching it on Christmas morning AND we raise 470euros for Bridget Hicks animal charity LAPS.

So, Mr.Turid Bolso Saether, should you ever feel you would like to put some charitable action where your criticism is you would be very welcome as a much needed volunteer at the rescue kennels, don’t worry the work is not much fun in this weather and to make matters worse the animals won’t care whether you speak very bad English or very bad Portuguese as they understand the language of human kindness.

SANDY PAYNE, by email