Chaotic night of flooding, landslides and tree falls spares Algarve

With the country braced for bad weather overnight on Sunday, Monday morning saw populations in the Algarve wondering what all the fuss had been about.

While in Lisbon there were incidents of flooding and fallen trees, ‘down south’ there was not much more than stormclouds and a bit of rainfall.

News reports agree that “in spite of various alerts, no injuries and or serious damage to property” resulted.

Firefighters and sappers were nonetheless kept busy in the capital, with calls for help also coming in Vila Nova de Gaia where there was minor flooding, as well as a landslide in Vilar de Andorinho.

In Porto, only seven calls for help were registered following the falling of various trees, and in Maia “a roof flew off due to high winds”, writes noticiasaominuto, not specifying what kind of property it was referring to.

Monday morning dawned with improved weather conditions throughout the country, though weather authority IPMA has kept 15 districts on yellow alert “due to forecasts for strong winds and rough seas”.