Channel 4 seeks Algarve residents with “stunning properties”

Producers from UK’s Channel 4 TV show ‘Homes by the Med’ are currently looking for owners of “architecturally stunning properties” in the Algarve who are interested in having their home appear in an episode of the series.

It is presented by architectural designer Charlie Luxton and is based on the premise that “it’s the dream of many people to have a home by the sea, especially in warmer climates than the UK”.

An episode of the show’s second season will be filmed in the Algarve, and producers are looking “ideally for home owners in the region who are either British expats or fluent in English”.

Say the producers, “the key element is that the properties we feature have to be high quality and photogenic.

“They may not be the most expensive home in the area, but they have to look superb.”

The first season of the show included an “array of architecturally stunning homes ranging from a rustic farmhouse that was once home to perfume-making monks; an award-winning eco home in an orchard of figs; a home carved in the rocks; a palace of glass metal and rock, a converted castle and many modern masterpieces.”

If you’re interested in showing your property on the TV screen, contact production company True North.

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