fruits and vegetables at improved Intermarché Portimão

Challenge accepted

Local entrepreneur sprinkles his magic on the newly improved Intermarché Portimão.

French national Philippe Bourroux arrived in Portugal almost three decades ago and chose the Algarve as his home some 23 years ago. Now with seven shops in the Algarve in his portfolio, he remains a discreet, practical man who values and supports the local economy and loves a challenge.

The large Intermarché shopping centre in Portimão had been struggling for a while, so it was a bit of gamble to take it on. He knew that it wouldn’t be straightforward, but that’s what excites him. Initially taking over at the beginning of 2019, Philippe managed the store by reorganising the space and making a better presentation of the products. “I didn’t make any personal investment at this point, I just oriented it differently. And it worked because in one year I managed to balance the accounts. At the end of last year, I decided to do a complete renovation. I started work at the beginning of 2020, and it was complicated. But I’m pleased with the result,” Phillipe told us.

The store is now bright and airy with the addition of new sections such as a wine cellar with a wide variety of national wines; take-away grilled chicken on the coals; dietary, healthy and organic products, along with a bakery and local produce section. Philippe has created a large self-service dining area that serves hot meals, grills, dish of the day, pizza and also pastries, next to Sports Direct inside the shopping centre.

The company ethos of offering better quality and at the best prices is apparent, and they remain very competitive in the local market, having expanded the store, remodelled different sections and reinforced the complementary services, which improve the shopping experience of those who visit. The remodelling of the Intermarché in Portimão translates into a more aesthetic, accessible and personalised space to respond effectively to the needs of all clients.

The cafe at improved Intermarché Portimão

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