Chair weaving

Chair weaving workshops promote Algarve handicraft

Projecto TASA creates workshops open to all to help perpetuate disappearing artisan techniques

Projecto TASA – Técnicas Ancestrais Soluções Actuais (Ancestral Techniques Current Solutions) has just launched a chair weaving workshop open to all those curious about the craft, or looking to refurbish their own furniture.

The Loulé-based project was created in 2010 to help regional artisans perpetuate their trade, teaching the younger generations their craft to adapt them to contemporary life.

The chair weaving workshop is the latest in a series of activities organised by TASA. Those interested can sign up to learn how to refurbish a chair using the traditional Algarvean weaving technique.

The workshop costs €115 and takes place in Loulé on a date and time agreed with the participant. It includes an introductory workshop and a set number of hours to carry out the work under the supervision of the master artisan.

“It’s simple”, says the organisation, “you buy a set number of hours and schedule the workshop with us at the time that suits you. It’s like going to the gym, but the exercise here is different. You will learn the basic technique with Vanessa, our resident artisan, and then you will carry out the work under her supervision until the chair is ready”.

There are a few conditions, however. If you bring in your piece of furniture, the wooden structure must be in good condition. Alternatively, if you want to repair the wooden part, they will give you a separate quote for the service.

The estimated time needed to weave a 35 x35 cm seat is 14 hours. A workshop of four consecutive hours must be scheduled to learn the technique. The remaining 10 hours will be used to work in an open workshop mode with the supervision of the master.

At the end of the workshop, participants can take materials home to restore another piece of furniture for an extra fee.

For bookings or further information, contact TASA: [email protected]