Chaîne des Rôtisseurs holds first meeting of 2019

A group of 10 members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs joined in a public wine tasting dinner at Quinta dos Vales in Estômbar on Friday, January 18.

The members had battled through the inclement weather to be present and join the group of some 30 participating in the event.

The tasting commenced with the wine estate’s rosé, the lightest of the wines being tasted that evening, which was served with the amuse bouche. The group then sat down for dinner, which had been prepared by students from the Portimão Campus School of Management and Hospitality. Students from another department of the faculty were responsibly for serving the food and designated wines.

The first of the white wines to be tasted was the winery’s Grace Verdelho, which accompanied the fish and couscous salad dishes. The second white wine was DUO Branco which complemented the fish dish of maigre fillets well. The final two wines were DUO Tinto served with the duck and Licoroso which was served with the dessert.

A hearty round of applause was given at the end of the evening to thank the students for their excellent work, which, together with the chosen wines, had helped to make the evening such an enjoyable one.

This event, as every other meeting of the Chaîne, generated funds for the charities worldwide supported by the Chaîne Foundation including the Gastronomy School here in Portugal.

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