Chaine at O Leao de Porches

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs celebrates dark November evenings with cosy dinner

Members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and their guests met at the atmospheric and cosy restaurant O Leão de Porches in Porches on Saturday, November 19.

Their hostess Bianca Salden, a long-time good friend of the confraternity, had promised an exciting and tasty menu, and members were looking forward to seeing what she and her Portuguese Chef Marisa Alface were planning to serve them.

Marisa Alface has been cooking at O Leão de Porches for more than three years now. After leaving the hotel and tourist school in her hometown of Setúbal, she gained experience in several Portuguese kitchens before taking up her present position in Porches.

The welcome drink was espumante from the Bairrada region served with amuse-bouche of filled poppadoms and olives.

The dinner started with a soup of beetroot, ginger, coconut and green apple served with a muscatel from the Douro area and progressed to the fish course consisting of the traditional Portuguese fish cantaril on a bed of creamy orange risotto with fennel and radish, accompanied by a white wine from the Lisbon area.

Loin of lamb with seasonal chestnut purée, Japanese winter radish daikon and pistachio-almond crumble formed the main course which was complemented by a Sauvignon from the Tejo.

Orange textures formed the dessert; a dish made with local oranges prepared in five different ways and complemented by Vinha d’Ervideira from the Alentejo. As promised, the menu was seasonal, local and tasty and served with exciting wines from all over Portugal.

Bianca and Marisa were thanked by Bailli Jean Ferran and the group showed their appreciation for their expertise.

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is a global gastronomic association, open to both professional and non-professional members, which was founded in France in 1248.

If you wish to know more about the Chaîne here in Portugal, contact Acting Bailli Jean Ferran at [email protected]