CGD’s former controversial boss ‘back with Nós’

With national media concentrating today on how governor of the Bank of Portugal Carlos Costa insists he is staying in his post – no matter how many buckets of criticism are thrown at him – short-lived CGD boss António Domingues has returned to communications company Nós.

Domingues was on Nós’ administrative board when he was “called” by the government to take up his short-lived position at CGD – the idea being to push through recapitalisation and basically rescue the State bank from the parlous situation it finds itself in.

As the saying goes, the rest is history – very bad history (click here).

Domingues returns to his old company to take up a non-executive position that will continue until 2018, say reports – and is unlikely to generate anything like the heat that his sojourn at the “Caixa” stirred up.

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