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Certificate of quality for Apolónia

Apolónia supermarket has been awarded the internationally recognised ISO 9001 certificate of quality.

The certificate acknowledges management and service standards achieved by a company and takes into consideration how well a business determines customer requirements, how it deals with problems and how effective the quality system of the company is.

In a statement, Avelino Apolónia, the founder of the business, said: “We have always worked towards meeting the needs of the customers and providing customer satisfaction while also always providing different products, a quality that defines Apolónia.

“The difference now is that we have a certification that allows us to prove what we have always known, that quality is always part of our service. For a long time we have been working towards this recognition but it has been worth it.”

Apolónia Supermarket in Almancil.
Apolónia Supermarket in Almancil.


The certificate not only covers the services of Apolónia in their supermarkets but also in their cafeteria and distribution services.

“This certificate is not only down to my work but also that of the team who work at Apolónia, and it is a source of pride for me and I thank all of our employees for the dedication they have shown over the past 28 years of Apolónia,” said Avelino Apolónia.

Meanwhile, the Apolónia supermarkets will be promoting specialities from Mexico during July with a special display in the Almancil store starting today (Friday) and running until July 24 and in the Galé store between July 29 and 31.

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