Cerro Novo Properties: celebrating 40 years of selling properties in the Algarve

Here at Cerro Novo we’re proud to be celebrating 40 years in the Algarve, helping people of all nationalities find their place in the sun. Like thousands of happy buyers (and sellers), in the last 40 years, we’ve watched the Algarve mature into a truly world-class destination for property seekers from all over the world.

Back in 1964, the grandfather of our current Sales Director, Robert Edwards, began to develop the west Albufeira neighbourhood of Cerro Grande, accompanied by Robert’s father, Allan Edwards.

In the 10 years leading up to the 1974 ‘Carnation’ Revolution, Cerro Grande became one of the region’s most favoured places to live and attracted investment from all over the world.

In 1981, Allan Edwards and his new business partner Susan Bland formed the property management and lettings company based in Cerro Grande and, shortly after, the real estate business was born.

Today, the prospect of owning an overseas property or moving to warmer climates in retirement remains high on the list for people from all over the world, especially as many of us have had much more time to think about our futures over the last year.

Robert Edwards, Sales Director of Cerro Novo Properties, believes that for many people the Algarve’s climate, lifestyle and culture, international accessibility, political stability and the security of property ownership in Portugal makes the country highly investable as a place for a second home or for permanent relocation.

“With many buyers looking for larger properties or home and income opportunities, the Algarve offers a great combination of accessibility by air, rail and road and a fantastic year-round outdoor lifestyle.” – Robert Edwards, Sales Director, 1981 – present

Robert’s business partner and office manager, Ana Penisga-Amorim, is proud to have seen and contributed to the business development since joining in 2000 and, despite the current challenges, believes Cerro Novo has the skills, talent and technology to deliver the very best service to all our valued clients, wherever they are located.

“We’ve always recruited and trained our team members to deliver impeccable service throughout and beyond the transaction. In quieter times, we’ve invested to deliver even better service – we never stop trying to do better” – Ana Penisga-Amorim, Partner & Office Manager, 2000 – present

Cerro Novo continues to offer a full property management and holiday rentals service via our sister company, Cerro Novo Property Management, led by Lesley Cuss and her team from their offices also at Cerro Grande, Albufeira.

Whatever your property needs, you can trust the team at Cerro Novo to go the extra mile in helping you achieve every requirement.

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