Ceramic works stolen in Porches studio raid

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

A large number of high quality ceramic works were stolen in a raid on a studio and shop in Porches on November 7.

Olaria Pequena (The Little Pottery) is owned by Algarve-based Scottish artist Ian Fitzpatrick.

It’s his workplace and a gallery, where his hand-crafted pieces are displayed and sold.

The theft took place at 4.30pm when the studio was still open for customers.

Ian Fitzpatrick left the studio at around 4pm and the only employee on the premises was working at a kiln in a room adjacent to the display area.

“He was running a compressor that makes such a loud noise that he would not have heard the thieves,” Ian Fitzpatrick told the Algarve Resident.  

The thieves took about 50 pieces, all of them bearing the handwritten or stamped signature Olaria Pequena, Portugal.

Among the pieces stolen were pots, dishes and bowls, all richly coloured and hand-painted.

“Although all bore price tags, the stolen items seem to have been picked from different parts of the display area at random. Many of the pieces were large and relatively heavy, suggesting that the theft was carried out by a team with a get-away vehicle parked outside,” he said.

“I can’t imagine the thieves were art-lovers, so where are they going to sell them?”

Police found fingerprints on pieces moved and they are now investigating the case.

Anyone who spots any of Ian Fitzpatrick’s pottery (see pictures) is asked to contact him on 282 381 150, 282 381213 or 914 927 900 or Lagoa GNR police department on 282 380 190.