Expo postais antigos Portimão 1
View from Portimão's bridge, Zona Ribeirinha

Century-old postcards exhibited in Portimão

An exhibition of postcards dating back to the first quarter of the 20th century will be on display at Portimão’s Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes between Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, September 17.

Expo postais antigos Portimão 2 - Fish Market, Portimão, Zona Ribeirinha
Fish Market, Portimão, Zona Ribeirinha

The exhibition is organised by GAMP (Friends of the Portimão Museum Group) as part of the seventh edition of ‘Passear Pela História’ (Strolling Through History), a series of street exhibitions which started in 2017 and aim to “strengthen the identity of the Portimão community by highlighting the town and the municipality as a cultural and leisure destination”.

Expo postais antigos Portimão 3 - Zona Ribeirinha, Portimão, 1915
Zona Ribeirinha, Portimão, 1915

The initiative also “provides residents and tourists with an informal and unexpected journey through time, showcasing various aspects of Portimão’s unique history”.

This particular exhibition will allow visitors to see some of the earliest images of the former Vila Nova de Portimão through the town’s first illustrated postcards.

Expo postais antigos Portimão 4
Praia da Rocha beach

“These postcards depict the transition from monarchy to republican rule, as well as the elevation to city status, which occurred on December 11, 1924, by a decree signed by the Portimão native Manuel Teixeira Gomes, who was the President of the Republic at that time,” organisers say.

“Thanks to the collection of the bibliophile João Tavares, stored in the Documentation Centre of Portimão Museum, and with the kind collaboration of collectors Manuel Mendonça and António Feu, GAMP was able to gather a set of postcards that recall and preserve the urban and social landscape of Portimão about a hundred years ago, between 1900 and 1925,” they add.

The exhibition will be unveiled at 6pm on Saturday.