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Century old Christmas card received


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A CHRISTMAS card that was sent 93 years ago has finally arrived at its destination in the town of Oberlin, Kansas, in the US.

The card, which features a picture of Santa and a little girl, was addressed to Ethel Martin and was sent by her cousins in Nebraska on December 23, 1914. Sadly, Ms Martin is now deceased but the Oberlin post office said it wanted a relative to have the card.

The nearly century old card is now in the hands of Bernice Martin, the recipient’s sister-in-law. It is believed that the card was found in Illinois and then passed on to the post office. It was then placed into another envelope with a modern postage stamp for the trip to Oberlin. The value of the early 20th century stamp was one cent and would not have reached Oberlin 93 years later, joked the sister-in-law. She revealed that it was in mint condition and postal workers said they were surprised that someone even sent it on to the post office.

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