Centre-right considers “snatching election victory from jaws of defeat”

CDS leader Assunção Cristas shows she for one is planning to hold the government to the same ‘dastardly game’ played in 2015 when left-wingers joined forces to seize power from a centre-right ‘victory’ that failed to secure a working majority.

Talking to Rádio Renascença on Tuesday, Cristas said “it is very important” for her party to work with the PSD to reach 116 MPs in the 2019 legislative elections.

“116 is the majority needed to govern”, she explained.

Days earlier, former PSD finance minister and political commentator Manuela Ferreira Leite said it is now imperative that her party does everything – including “selling its soul to the Devil” – in order to ensure radical left-wingers (the PCP communists and Bloco de Esquerda) are not included in the next executive.

The reference “selling souls to the Devil” refers to what Ferreira Leite claims all political parties do when they sign up to the kind of alliance that swept the centre-right out of power in 2015.

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