Storm kills 39

At least 39 people across Central America have been killed in flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rains brought by tropical storm Stan.

El Salvador, already shaken by the eruption of its biggest volcano, was worst hit with at least 31 deaths. The govsaernment declared a state of emergency and began evacuating thousands amid warnings of further rains.

Stan also left a trail of misery elsewhere, killing at least four people in Guatemala and four in Honduras. The storm swept across Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula over the weekend, drenching Central America with three days of solid rain.

“60 per cent of the country is in danger of landslides,” El Salvador’s President Tony Saca warned. “The risk caused by this accumulation of water is worrying.” The country’s director of the National Emergency Centre, Mauricio Ferrer, said some 300 communities had been flooded.