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Cemeteries close to capacity

THE CRISIS AFFECTING Portuguese cemeteries as they reach their capacity may turn into a serious problem in the Algarve in the long term.

The region is the only one in the country showing demographic growth, following a boost in the number of newborn babies.

Most of the cemeteries are already full or close to their capacity and expansion plans are difficult to implement by most of the local câmaras, according to a report in the daily newspaper Correio da Manhã.

Apart from Faro, which has built a new facility just outside the city centre and is also planning the construction of a crematorium, many Algarve councils are lacking solutions for the short term.

The exceptions are Lagoa, where a new cemetery is already under construction in Parchal and another one is planned by the local Câmara for Porches.

In Portimão, the local Câmara is also planning a new cemetery but the construction of a crematorium is expected to complement this traditional solution.


In Albufeira, the local Câmara is also considering the construction of a crematorium as an alternative to the existing cemetery, as the space for construction is limited and expensive. However, the investment’s schedule has not been released.

In Lagos, the expansion plan for the local cemeteries is almost concluded. In Aljezur, the local Câmara has not yet started the planned investment in this type of facility, although the capacity of the existing cemetery is reaching its limit.

In Alcoutim, the poorest council with the most ageing population in the Algarve, the local cemetery has already reached its limit. However, instead of building a new cemetery, the local Câmara ordered the implementation of vertical stone drawers to avoid burying the dead.

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