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Cellulite, that most dreaded of words

by Samira Mohamed Ali [email protected]

Having modelled since she was 11 years old for high profile brands and companies around the world, Samira Mohamed Ali is “very proud” to be half Portuguese and half Arabic, with a strong Welsh accent! Samira, who is a regular Algarve visitor, brings you natural remedies to combat cellulite this week.

This is probably one of the most dreaded words in a woman’s dictionary – CELLULITE.

We try to steer away from talking about having it and many of us have tried it all: the creams, deep massages, rubbing coffee beans into your thighs etc. to help improve it – but nothing seems to work.

We are even seeing ultra thin models on the runway with cellulite so it’s not a weight issue. Believe it or not, cellulite occurs in 80-90% of women and top dermatologists and scientists say the main causes are hormonal, genetic, predisposing factors, diet and lifestyle.

This is why cellulite needs to be targeted from within rather than externally, as it’s mainly imbalance internally that can be improved by diet or taking five minutes out from your busy lifestyle to de-stress.

I remember trying so many different methods and even expert advice to try and banish cellulite and none of them seemed to do the job.

Until a year ago when I was en-route to the Bahamas for a bikini modelling job, I had cellulite and was terrified how I would look in front of this top photographer.

When I got there, I discovered that hardly any of the Bahamian women had cellulite, not even that slight orange peel. I realised that their diet was of all grilled high protein and natural fruit smoothies. That was probably the way forward.

I was given a great tip in  the Bahamas that I would like to share with you that really did change my life.

I had 10 days to prepare my body and was given a task by a local Bahamian nutritionist to try a few simple steps daily, to add some natural ingredients to my body that would really improve, or even banish, my cellulite.

The daily steps were:

1: Not to eat any fried foods, sugary drinks or fatty foods for 10 days. The aim was to have under 3% fat in my diet. So my diet consisted of all natural, non-processed foods that were grilled or barbecued.

2: Drink two glasses of pink grapefruit juice, either freshly made or from a carton (one in morning and one before bedtime). Pink grapefruit contains more than 50 times the carotenoid (Vitamin A) that is present in white grapefruit. This is great for skin development and breaking down of fatty tissues.

3: Eat a handful of either fresh or dried Gojo berries. Gojo berries have an astonishing amount of B-complex vitamins, and a whopping 19 amino acids. No other plant on Earth contains so many nutrients. In fact, every single nutrient in the tiny little gojo berry is an absolute cellulite killer.

4: Drink  two litres of water per day.

5: Body brush every morning. This only takes a few minutes. You need to start from your feet making long brush strokes up towards your heart. Do this until you have covered the fronts and backs of your legs, thighs and bottom area. If you have time, have a cold/ luke warm shower straight after.

These small changes, which didn’t even feel like a task, didn’t just improve my cellulite but completely banished those horrible dimples I was seeing on my thighs.

I couldn’t believe how effective and powerful these two natural ingredients were, the pink grapefruit and the Gojo berries could really breakdown that stubborn cellulite in a matter of days.

I also found my slightly sluggish feeling was improved by a high energy body and mind from just doing five simple steps daily.

So, I have never looked back. I stopped wasting money on all those so-called cellulite-buster creams and use a format that works internally and externally for me – and it’s natural!

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