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Cellphone ‘pings’ betray Brazilian in murder hunt

Mobile phone tracking has been the undoing of Brazilian Dinai Gomes – the man believed to be responsible for the murders of three former female flatmates whose bodies were found in a drainage ditch near Tires airport last month. A painstaking police operation involving detectives here and in Brazil (where Gomes fled six months ago) has located ‘pings’ putting him ‘on the spot’ when the girls mysteriously disappeared, say media reports.

Gomes is now in custody in Brazil, and will face charges once all incriminating evidence is collated, explains Correio da Manhã.

It is a situation keenly followed by justice-seekers monitoring progress in other cases.

For example, former PSD MP Duarte Lima has managed to dodge a murder trial in Brazil for years – and still lives effectively untroubled, despite a 10-year condemnation in this country for fraud.

Indeed, an exposé on reviled ‘lifetime pensions for former politicians’ has stressed that Lima is claiming his hefty monthly allowance even though authorities in Brazil say they are 100% sure he is guilty of the murder of heiress Rosalina Ribeiro in 2009. It is because there is no extradition treaty between Portugal and Brazil that the case has dragged on inconclusively for years.

Lima may eventually be tried in his absence in Brazil, explain news reports, and then, in the event of a conviction, Interpol may upgrade his wanted status.

But while the former MP remains in Portugal, dodging jail for his part in the Operation Homeland fraud, he is untouchable.

Untouchable too seems to be the former step-father of Portimão teen Rodrigo Lapa, whose brutally beaten body was found on scrubland near his home in March Click here.

Caption: Authorities believe Dinai Gomes is responsible for the murders of Michelle Santana Ferreira, Lidiana Neves Santana and Thayane Milla Mendes Dias