We all love a reason to celebrate– birthdays, the birth of a child, engagements, weddings, passing a driving test or graduating from university – something to look forward to and an opportunity to reward ourselves with a celebration.

2010 sees the Algarve Resident celebrate its 21st anniversary. Quite an achievement for a moderately sized newspaper in a relatively small marketplace.

So, I am allowing myself a degree of pride when I write this editorial.

Starting out as a family business was a challenge. None of us had a great deal of experience in publishing, but we had great sales and marketing skills, strong personalities and the will to survive.

Add to the pot the need to help others succeed with their business plans and you have quite a force to be reckoned with.

And so, the Algarve Resident, rather like Topsy in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, has grown through its 21 years.

The Resident Group now has magazines alongside its weekly English-language newspaper and remains highly respected as the newspaper of choice serving the community.

But despite our growth, we have never lost touch with the people that count in our business – you the readers and advertisers.

We continue to care about what matters to you and nothing in our strategy for 2011 and onwards will alter this psyche.

We listen (and learn) and are frequently able to implement ideas and suggestions that we receive from our loyal readership – keep writing or emailing and we will keep listening.

Of course, some measures have to be taken on a purely commercial basis, but nevertheless your opinions will always count.

We develop ideas through listening to our advertisers and caring about their businesses.  In every way, we try to partner our advertisers in what they are striving to achieve.

Where are the fireworks, the fanfares and the festive fun to celebrate the Algarve Resident’s 21st anniversary?  The company as a whole agreed that we wanted to give to the advertisers this time.

These are the people that provide the best in services and products across the Algarve and further afield, and these are the people who need support during these tricky economic times and to whom we are offering great advertising rates for the next 12 months.

This will assist them in sending out their marketing messages and therefore keeping you best advised of what is available here in this glorious part of Portugal.

21 years ago, we had approximately three years experience in publishing between us.

This year, we offer you a company with over 186 years of experience – we continue to offer you the best in products and the best in customer service.

Thank you to you all – readers and advertisers alike – for your continued support. 

Sheena Rawcliffe, Managing Director

Algarve Resident