Celebrating the life of Álvaro de Campos

A talk by historian Peter Kingdon Booker on the life and work of Álvaro de Campos is taking place on Monday, October 10 in Tavira. The venue … the Álvaro de Campos Municipal Library.

Who was Álvaro de Campos and why should the library be named after him? He was not, in fact, a real person but an idea in the mind of Fernando Pessoa (pictured), who may be the best of Portugal’s poets since Luís Vaz de Camões.

Pessoa created a number of noms de plume or, in his case, heteronyms. They may be called heteronyms because Pessoa created also a personal history for each of them, as if each of them was a different person. And the personal history of Álvaro de Campos shows that he was born in Tavira.

The Casa Álvaro de Campos is organising a festival of events to celebrate the life and work of this shadowy figure, and Peter Booker, president of the Algarve History Association, will make a presentation about his life and work in the eponymous library.