Celebrating Christianity with a curry in Lagos

The International Community Church in Lagos is hosting its latest Alpha Course on Thursday, September 27 at the Tasty Indian Restaurant located in the centre of Lagos, at 7.30pm.

David Chester, who now leads the church in Lagos, said: “As the course starts with a meal together, what better than with a great curry? We have run Alpha courses in pubs in the UK before moving to Portugal and found that the informal atmosphere was a great place for people to ask those difficult questions about our faith.

“As much as you might want to stick your hand up during the Sunday Service and say ‘I don’t know what you’re on about’, it’s just not practical. But the Alpha course enables questions to be asked in a place where they can be answered.”

David added that there would be “no Bible bashing” at the course and that friendships are expected to be forged and the meaning of what it is to be a Christian could be understood.

For more information, please call 969 558 466 or 925 613 462 or email [email protected]